Master of Fine Arts

CISFA    08-Jun-2020
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Master of Fine Arts course has its objective, the preparation of artists with individuality, originality and resourcefulness in the field of their choice. It will be presumed that the fine arts graduates who are accepted for Master of Fine Arts course have had developed a personal approach to the problems of art in their fields and the actual teaching program may be drawn up by the teacher(s) concerned within the suggested course-structure, aiming at a high degree of professional competence and creative excellence. Exploration of the maximum possibilities of material(s) of local environment, of sources of external interest, of social and contemporary relevance in terms of techniques and ideas with an aesthetic insight will be the main directions of thrust.
The Master of Fine Arts course shall be of two years duration with four semesters in any one of the following streams in fine art discipline of Painting, Graphics (Print Making), Sculpture, and Applied Arts.
a. Creative Painting
b. Portrait Painting
Graphics (Print Making)
a. Graphic Art (Print Making)
a. Creative Sculpture
b. Sculpture Portrait Study
Applied Arts.
a. Visualization
b. Illustration
c. Typography and Calligraphy
d. Photography
A candidate seeking admission to the Master of Fine Arts course (Creative Painting, Portrait Painting, Graphic Art – Print Making, Creative Sculpture and Sculpture Portrait Study) Applied art shall produce a certificate obtaining the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with Painting or Graphic Art (Print Making), or sculpture or Applied Art with History of Art / Aesthetics /Advertising Art and Ideas in respective subjects or obtaining G.D. Art (Govt. Diploma) course of 4 Years (equivalent to B.F.A.) in Painting, Sculpture & Applied Art with History of Art / Aesthetics / Advertising Art & Ideas in respective subjects by a recognized University or Institution & candidate shall have to appear at an interview conducted by the respective college authority.
The medium of instruction will be English / Marathi / Hindi or Sanskrit. The question papers will be set in English & Marathi or Hindi. The Candidates may answer in any one of the above four languages.