Department of Sculpture

CISFA    08-Jun-2020
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Students will be trained in two and three-dimensional creative aspects covered in the sculpture specialization course. Changing the world from Traditional, Realistic to Modern along with different media Clay, Plaster, Fibre, Wood, Metal, and many more with additions of new technologies and processes. This will be the first time in Central India that avenues are made available for the students to express themselves into these three dimensional media.
The department hopes to equip them to continue with their sculpture as a career with that essential inner belief, practical ability, and confidence based upon knowledge.
Sculpture artists have the ability to create a 3-dimensional representation of an idea. They are creative thinkers & proficient in various art forms, such as 3-dimensional modeling, forging, casting & woodworking, Other beneficial skills for sculpture artists include abilities to interpret art and connect art and theory.
Sculpture artists work on public art, installations and create commissioned works for various businesses, art organizations, or personal collectors. They also teach sculpture arts, restore works of art, or create sculptural reproductions and models for television, films.