Department of Painting

CISFA    08-Jun-2020
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Drawing and Painting is a three years degree course that provides a B.F.A degree in fine art discipline. The course facilitates students to explore oneself as a Painter keeping his/her originality untouched for creative visual expression. The structure of the course is so planned with the conviction that technical competency and skill provide the most satisfactory foundation for the creation of art. Yet mastery of techniques is only the means, not the goal. The curriculum is intended that students are exposed to all the techniques, traditions, mediums, schools, and practices followed right from early to modern times. The course is aimed to cultivate amongst the student an individual persona, professional artist-painter and more importantly his/her unique style with which they will be known as a sensitive artist.
The B.F.A. degree holder can work in any professional field - Cultural, Entertainment, Education, Finance, Medical, Social, etc. All that a student needs an ability to see and understand things with a different, unique, and creative vision. At CISFA’s Painting department the emphasis is on the development of the student’s inner self and the philosophy they create.
Course modules: Sketching techniques, Appreciation and interrelation of all art forms, Compositional study, Texture and Colour Skill, Sketchbook practice, Human & Animal anatomy, Sensitive core development, Creative visualization, Exploration of different mediums, Philosophy and Literature.