Department of Graphic Arts

CISFA    08-Jun-2020
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Graphic Arts (Printmaking) is a popular art-making process in all over the world. Contemporary printmaking came to India in 1556, about a hundred years after Guttenberg's Bible. which was the first example of printed forms. Printmaking is a concept of duplication and reproduction work of mass duplication. ‘Print’ is a part of our life not only as a commercial aspect but a unique and effective medium of artistic expression as printmaking is recognized today in India.
Printmaking is an important optional subject to graduation level course of BFA (Painting) and a specialization subject to post-graduation course MFA (Graphic arts). CISFA provides necessary studio facilities to the students such as ancient Litho Press, Etching Press, Serigraphy set-up, etc. to learn various printmaking techniques like etching, colour etching, glass etching, metal engraving, wood engraving, woodcut, forex board, colography, palatography Stone Lithography, dry prints, Monoprints, Digital mass medium, etc. Students will be trained in the two-dimensional creative aspect covered in the Graphic Arts.
After completion of MFA (Graphic Arts), students can be established in their own Graphic Arts Studio and work as independent artists. He can sell his artifacts to art galleries and art collectors. His practical ability & skill also be useful in making a successful career in industries, textile industries, education field, etc.