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CISFA    08-Jun-2020
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Central India School of Fine Arts, commonly known as ‘CISFA’ located in Mundle Public School Campus, Near Outer Ring Road, GawasiManapur Wardha Road, Nagpur, was established in 205 by Mundle Educational Trust (MET), Nagpur. College is affiliated to Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Ramtek, and approved by the Government of Maharashtra.
In a few years, the college has formed a pioneer status in fine arts education and also recognized for its quality. Mr. PrabhakarraoMundle who is the founder president of MET, Mr. Nikhil Mundle& Mrs. MeenalMundle, Trustees of MET, and devoted staff of CISFA have an outstanding talent efficiency in shaping the institution as distinguished one.
CISFA is offering Fine Arts Degree Courses for 12th Passed Students, Master Degree Courses for BFA Passed Students, and Certificate courses for 10th Passed Students. The curriculum integrates the talents of students with their personal vision and aspirations with overarching goals of preparing them for professional employment in art & design careers.
The college ‘CISFA’ has been well equipped with spacious classrooms and a good library facility, computer lab with the necessary software, Photography Studio, Life Study studio, Sculpture Studio, and Graphics Print MakingStudio, CISFA supports education through updated technology, needed facilities, and well-experienced teaching staff. The mission of the college is to provide value-based education which will enable them to be intellectually well trained, morally upright, socially aware and spiritually inspired to become good citizens of the nation.
The college regularly organizes industrial tours, Study tours, Guest Lectures by experts, Workshops on varied subjects – Photography, Painting, Portrait, Illustration, Cartoon, Caricature, Calligraphy, Packaging, etc. College also organizes national/state level art camps, interaction sessions with subject experts, and CISFA alumnus for students, which enhances their interest and learning.
Today, most of the graduates from CISFA are either employed as Art Director, Graphic Designer, UX-UI Designer, Working Artist, Professor in renowned IT/Corporate Companies, Advertising Agencies, Fine Arts colleges in India and abroad and some students working successfully as freelancers.
Central India School Of Fine Arts commonly known as CISFA is affiliated to Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University. This University established by the Maharashtra State Legislative Act No. XXXIII of 1997.
The Jurisdiction of this University is the whole of Maharashtra State. The main objective of this University is to enrich Sanskrit and other ancient Indian Languages, Art & Culture. Central India School of Fine Art (CISFA) is a center of excellence, providing professionally oriented quality education in visual arts.
To join and study at CISFA is a way to enjoy art forms. Central India School of Fine Art (CISFA) offers a number of courses related to Visual Art including other theory subjects like History of Art, Aesthetics, .Sanskrit & Advertising Art & Ideas.
CISFA a place to study various faculties of Fine Arts up to Master Degree Level.
1. Department of Painting
2. Department of Sculpture
3. Department of Applied Arts
4. Department of Graphics Arts
The Degree Course in Fine Art at Central India School Of Fine Arts has a unique curricular structure and pedagogy.
The innovative teaching-learning methodology at CISFA allows for a multi-dimensional exchange of information. This transition from classroom-based, teacher-directed learning to a studio-based supported learning environment is employed not just in the first year, but also throughout the course of the degree programs taught at Central India School Of Fine Arts. The emphasis is on shaping an attitude in students that empowers them to think independently and chart a successful future.
A wide range of learning & teaching strategies are used in the field. These include :
1. Formal lectures,
2. Studio-based projects,
3. Practical workshops,
4. Project critiques,
5. Demonstrations of equipment and techniques,
6. Seminars guided independent study,
7. Individual and small group tutorials,
8. Fieldwork, Study visits,
9. Screening etc.
Class Infrastructure:
Central India School of Fine Art (CISFA) provides advanced facilities for teaching-learning as well as ample exhibition space for an art gallery.
Studios are where design students study and nurture their creativity. Fully equipped material workshops at Central India School Of Fine Arts allow students to have conceptual and physical space to investigate and experiment with material, tools, processes, and ideas. Practical techniques are regarded as an integral part of the problem- solving process that students need to exercise through hands-on workshop activities. The workshop facilities provide students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the skills required to attain mastery in their field.
Computer labs at Central India School Of Fine Arts are built to accommodate high-end graphics and development. This lab will have a wide range of design-related software with Wi-Fi internet connectivity* inspiring the students to achieve their highest potentials in originality, innovation, and creativity.
Library :
Library stock a large range of books and publications, including excellent periodicals and magazines.
The cafeteria serves fresh, hygienic, and nutritious food in a relaxed and friendly environment. It is a favorite hang-out place with students.
Hostel Accommodation & Transportation
Central India School of Fine Art (CISFA) does not provide the Residential Accommodation and Transportation Facility. Needy students are requested to contact the Central India School Of Fine Arts Office for the proper information about Boys/Girls Hostels in Nagpur and reliable private transportation. Hostel facility will be provided at subsidized charges for rural or economically backward students by social organization.