Information, Guidance & Regulations

CISFA    04-Jun-2020
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1. In order to remain well informed, you must look at relevant notice boards daily.
2. Students must advise the Students Records of any change in name, phone, E-mail ID, address and married status.
3. Time for students is always available to discuss curriculum issues or problems, however you must make a prior appointment.
4. You may have personal issues which you would rather not discuss with tutor or staff member, should you find yourself in a situation where a personal problem is getting you down, please do not isolate yourself. You may see a counselor at any time & you can be sure of complete confidentiality. Contact to the principal.
5. New regulations & university directives are being implemented and details will be explained to you on the course, but please try to make sure you adopt a sensible approach to ‘day to day’ activities.
6. The submission procedure will be informed you by your class- incharge. All assignments are to be submitted at the time. Students must follow the dates of submissions. Any submission received after the deadline will be awarded a mark of no more than 40% unless an extension of time has been granted, in writing, well before the deadline.
7. It is responsibility of students to attend sketching periods, theory/practcal classes, lectures, college event, unit tests, examinations and submit work for assessment as required. You must be aware that a careless attitude towards your studies can have severe impact upon your final degree result.
8. facilities are available for the students. ( some systems may be bookable). Many systems will have access to the internet. Please be aware that student use of computing system is closely monitored. Access to offensive material will result in severe penalties and possible expulsion.
9. It is strongly recommended that you regularly visit the library. It is important that you ‘read around your subject’ and keep up-to-date with what is happening in art, design, business and marketing. You must follow library rules and take the permission by librarian for any type of copying or scanning from the books.
10. The studio is a place for discussion and work - do not make it unpleasant, or unsafe for others. Please try to remember and follow these recommendations and ‘house-keeping’ rules.
a. No smoking or any type of tobacco chewing.
b. No food and tea /coffee/ cold drinks in the studio or Classroom,
c. No music (except personal headphones)
d. No mobile (except lunch time)