Department of Applied Art

CISFA    04-Jun-2020
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Applied art is basically a subject for communication that assumes various forms and an Applied Artist must know how to communicate through media which are subject to technical, economical and social controls. The new technologies of photography, film, television, painting, and the use of computers as visual problem solvers have all opened up endless avenues. On the basis of this understanding, the objective of training, development of creative ability & professional skills, understanding of methods & materials in the fast-changing technology. Students will face changing challenges by lifting their confidence to a great horizon.
The strategies which are used in this field aim to help students learn the following:
1. Practical design processes
2. Observational, recording and analytical enquiry
3. Conceptual idea generation
4. Proactive problem finding /solving abilities
5. Visual and subject insight research
6. Visualization skills, 7. Communication skills
8. Critical and contextual understanding
9. Practical understanding of materials, processes, and technologies
10. Roles and responsibilities of the practitioners within an Interdisciplinary context