CISFA    24-Dec-2019
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These days, an increasing number of jobs require a technical degree, either instead of a Bachelor’s Degree or in addition to it. Workforce and workplaces are changing because of technology and global competition. As you move along in your career, you will probably need more education or different education to meet new challenges.
Central India School of Fine Arts (CISFA) was established as a traditional Fine Arts College in Nagpur in 2005. Now, It is one of the few specialist art colleges in central India. CISFA offers exceptional education for creative careers as part of a student-centered approach to learning. Education in Fine Art at CISFA gives the valuable BFA /MFA Degree along with an effective portfolio. This specific purpose portfolio will be useful to make your bright future. Employability is a key outcome, with near about 90 % of our students progressing to work or further study.
Equally as important for us in enabling the development of our students as creative practitioners. We offer a unique and inspiring learning environment supported by dedicated high caliber staff, many of whom are practicing artists or creative professionals.
This prospectus is designed to give you an insight into the ethos and values of the college so that you may make a well-informed choice about whether we are the right people to help you achieve your potential as an artist or designer. We look forward to your application, and in guiding you towards a creative and rewarding career in the visual art and design world.