Shri Prabhakarrao Mundl (President)

CISFA    18-Dec-2019
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By nature, human beings love to beautify themselves and their surroundings; and they also like to share their feelings and ideas with other people. This tendency shows itself in every place and age. Even primitive men decorated their earthenware pots with lines or colours for the sheer delight of seeing them-although these have no practical use. When civilization progressed and people had more means and time at their disposal to make things beautiful or artistic, they produced many works of art, such as imposing buildings with ornamental gardens, paintings and sculpture. In fact, art holds an honored place in every great civilization since beauty serves to enrich our souls with spiritual joy.
Central India School of Fine Arts, commonly known as CISFA is an effort to link society to this beautiful stream of creativity.
A fine art education is by nature widespread and diverse, rather than narrow and specialized. As a fine art graduate, you are highly employable because your vast education base has helped shape a set of both unique skill that are applicable to career in the fine art as well as transferrable skills that enable you to seek employment in career fields outside the fine arts.
We believe in higher learning to prepare the students to respond to the rapidly changing political, socio-economic and technological pressures of our times. The innovative teaching-learning methodology at CISFA allows for multi-dimensional exchange of information, achieved through studio-based mentor-driven modules. This transition from classroom-based, teacher-directed learning to a studio-based supported learning environment is employed not just in the first year, but also throughout the course of the degree programs taught at CISFA. The emphasis is on shaping an attitude in students that empowers them to think independently and chart a successful future. Wish you all the best !