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Dr. Bhau Dandade is a highly skilled, talented and qualified Principal In charge of Central India School of Fine Arts Nagpur. He has excellent teaching experience and he is expert in preparing effective college curriculum. He has done Masters of Fine Arts and PhD from (RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur). For last 30 years he has done a lot of job works for reputed organizations as Graphic designer, Advertiser, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Painter, Portrait artist, Mural Designer, Calligraphy artist, Printing consultant with a solid background in print design and Painting through Illustration, Calligraphy, Typography, Photography and creative painting.

Many of his paintings were created from his inner world demands existing in the moment, responding to impulses and impression as they arise and seek external life. The ideas and contents in his work are tightly bound to the Indian culture. A thought in every painting is inspired by surrounding events, people, nature and myths.

His works including title offer partial narratives of what constitution you as the identifier. All known forms human figures, sun, birds, home, rural-urban life, different influences that have reached through him. They imply a wider cultural identity as well. He wants his paintings to be something like a source of happiness, an answer, a solution to a problem or stimulate for a better life and to put little happiness/smile on the viewers face.

According to him the art not only bridge our diversity they bridge the generations. It helps us depicting our spirituality and keep us connected to the land of our origin. He is greatly inspired by the rich cultural symbolism. His paintings require a simple planning but lot of technique. The manipulation of material is very time consuming they are extremely rich and dense and, he wants to entertain that doesn't means superficial or saccharine the ultimate goal of making something truthful that you can get swept on it.

Through his paintings quote different kinds of aesthetics and texture sand it’s all done with brush work.

Sir has experience of working of statutory authorities at the university. He is working as Chairman for Board of Studies for Visual Arts, Kavi Kulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Ramtek (2016-17-18-19). He is member of Academic Council, Management Council of KaviKulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Ramtek (from 2016). He is Ex. Member, Board of Study in Fine Arts, Sant Gadge Maharaj University Amravati (2012). He has worked as Examiner for M.F.A. (By Research) University of Mumbai (2013). He has worked as Paper Setter, Moderator, Examiner for RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur, Sant Gadge Maharaj University, Amravati and KaviKulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Ramtek.

He was President of Pravah Art academy, Nagpur (2000-2002). He is Secretary of Mahakalp Artist Academy, Nagpur (From 2020) and Secretary of Buldana Jilha Nagrik Mandal Nagpur (2010-2013). He is Member of Vidarbha Sahitya Sangh, Nagpur. His teaching journey started from 1990 where he taught High school level classes in Sindhi Hindi High school & Jr. College Nagpur for one year. He has 6 years experience of teaching to Post Graduation Level at Dept. of Fine Arts, RTM Nagpur University Nagpur from 2002-2007.

His career profile speaks for his passion for field. Many of his papers are published and he has also participated in International Conferences such as UGC Sponsored International Conference on 'Women Empowerment & Globalization' (17th & 18th January 2014) at C.P. & Berar E.S. College, Nagpur, and Research Paper Published. - Title: 'Contribution of women in Drawing & Painting’ISBN: 978-81-922229-3-6.

His research paper has been published in 'Sanshodhan'(March 2018) by C.P. & Berar E.S. College, Nagpur Title: 'Colourful world of Advertising'. He participated in National level conference on 'Implementation of National Education Policy (NEP) for Teacher Education' 25th February 2021 at KKSU, Ramtek. His research paper 'Importance of student's colour test in pedagogy' was published in the international seminar - All India Oriental Conference 2020 at KKSU Sanskrit University, Nagpur. He has also participated in National Seminar:'Gap between fine art students and Profession ‘at JJ School of arts, Mumbai.

He has authored a book titled 'Pauranik Vishayavaril Chitrankan' (2020) publisher by Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University Ramtek. He has edited and published several books such as ‘Ayushya Ek vardan' (Biography of Dr. Wamanrao Alias Annasaheb Korpe, Akola), Buldana Zilla Gaurav Visheshank (1997, 1998), 'Manomani' (Marathi Kavya Sangrah) 25th June 2001, 'Yashogatha' (Collection of the stories of successful people from Buldana district in 2020).

His articles are published in many newspapers and magazines on general literature and fine arts. Some of them are Fine Arts madhey Careerchya Sandhi ('Dainik Bhaskar' Marathi Daily), Asamanya Aai 'Ma Jijau' 12th January 2013 ('Deshonnati' Marathi Daily ), Tu Maze Vishwa ('Maharastra Times', Marathi Daily), Article on the book 'Rang Chitrakaranche' of artist Shyamkant Jadhav (Published in 'Shyamkant Jadhav Gaurav Visheshank' 2007), Fine Art - an important area (ARTIKEL, Magazine, December 2020), The best teacher teaches from the heart, not from the book' Interview (Published in Lokmat times, 6-4-2018) and ‘Open mind – Pratibhavantacha Kalapravas’ - November 2021 (Dainik Maharashtra Times, Nagpur).

He has written scripts for plays which were broadcasted on Akashwani. Some of them to be mentioned are 'Bahurupi' – Play, 'Agantuk' - Short play, 'Kaviraj' - Short Play for Nagpur Akashwani . He was spokesperson at 'Sagara Pran Talmalala' - 15 minutes Talks (Nagpur Akashwani) and 'Madyapan Dhumrapan- Ayushyachi Dhuldhan' - 15 minutes Talks (Nagpur Akashwani).

He has organized many events and cultural programs such as Events and Cultural Programme organized such as One Month Workshop on Fine art & Performing Art for Children at Mundle Sabhagruh Dharampeth Girl's School Nagpur (1998), 2 Short play- 'Pahuna Yeta Mandlat' & 'Bahurupi' 14th April 2000 At Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Sabhagruh Nagpur, 'Story telling' for senior citizens on 7th May 2000 Nagpur, ‘Kavisammelan' Joint venture of Pravah Academy and Rotary club of Nagpur Green City at Mundle Sabhagruh, Dharampeth Girl's School Nagpuron 16th Sept. 2001, 'Gazal Usne Chhedi' Programme of Marathi Gazal singer Bhimrao Panchale on 20th January 2002 and So many cultural programmes under the banner of 'Pravah Art Academy'& 'Buldana Jilha Nagrik Mandal' Nagpur.

Sir has been interviewed by several reputed newspaper such as Tarun Bharat, Marathi Daily (Vyakti Vishesh) (2001), Hitavada-English Daily (By Prof. Raja Mankar), Marathi daily- 'Sakal' - ('Bhau Dandadenchi Vichar Chitrey' by Dr. Yeshwant Manohar),'Vicharmudra' (By Dr. Yeshvant Manohar), Lokmat (Interview in Panorama), Interview by My FM 94.3, Nagpur for their 'Rangrej' (Painting competition) activity.

His artworks were exhibited in several solo shows & group shows such as Landscape exhibition, at Kusumtai Wankhede Hall Nagpur in 1997, solo painting Exhibition –‘Existence’ at CISFA Art Gallery Nagpur in 2009, Group Show at Ravindranath Tagore Art Gallery Nagpur on 23rd June 2007, Group Show at CISFA Art Gallery Nagpur in 2008, Group Show at CISFA Art Gallery Nagpur in 2009, Group Show ‘Vision Fusion’, National Exhibition of Painting & Sculpture at Kasturchand Park Nagpur from 12th to 17th August 2009, 23rd All India Art Contest & Exhibition by South Central Zone Culture Centre Nagpur in 2009, Group Show 'National Exhibition' at Dr. Anand Coomaraswamy Art Gallery CISFA Nagpur from 16th to 19th March 2010, Group Show Full Moon Night Workshop 8th to 13th January 2011 at CISFA Nagpur, Group Show ‘Music of moods’ Organized by All India Fine Arts and Craft Society (AIFACS) New Delhi in 2012, 'All India art Exhibition' Tilak Smarak Trust Pune, 'The Best of Nagpur Arts down the ages' Exhibition of Painting & Sculpture at Rangayan Art Gallery Nagpur on 11th & 12th April 2013, Group Show ‘Dashakavishkar’ at CISFA Art Gallery Nagpur on 1st August 2014 and Group Show 'Can you hear the city speak' Exhibition of Painting at Rangayan Art Gallery, Nagpur from 2nd April to 5th April 2022 organized by Mahakalp Artist Academy, Nagpur.

He is honored with many awards some of them are Award for the landscape in a state level competition organized by South Central Zone Cultural Centre, & Vidarbha Sahitya Sangh, Nagpur (1998-99), First prize for a poster Design on ‘Peace’ in the national level competition organized by Junior chamber of India in 1999, Award of Excellence for the Painting ‘Flower seller’, ‘Shlok’ National Exhibition by Jawaharlal Darda Kala Academy Nagpur in 2010, He is receipt ‘Buldana Jilha Gaurav Puraskar' Award by BZNM Nagpur in 1997 & 2016, Nagpur Green City Junior Chamber, President's Recognition award (2000), Participation as an Artist in ‘Jagatik Marathi Sammelan’ Nagpur from 4th to 6th January 2019. He has Participation as an Artist in Annual Programme of National Academy of Direct Taxes Nagpur.

Around 107 books having hand drawn cover designed by him were published on same day, same time at same venue. He has created more than 150 research based Poster design for the exhibition ‘Kamdhenu’ displayed all over India by Go-vigyan Anusandhan kendra, Develapar, Nagpur.

Presently working as Principal In charge and is teaching from last 15 years to UG & PG classes at Central India School of Fine arts, Nagpur.

His expertise is in subjects Advertising Art & Ideas, Visualization, Lettering/Typography/Calligraphy, Visualization, Communication and Illustration.