Shri Pankaj Dawande

CISFA    17-Dec-2019
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 ( Dept. Of Photography & Coordinator )
Photography, A fusion of mathematics and science along with Physics, Chemistry and off course Geometry too. These things are the soul of Photography because in artistic expression angle plays a very important role and livelihood of a picture enhances bit more.
Photography is a play with light. Light has an immense importance in its creation. A single ray of light may change the mood, expressions, and atmosphere giving new form and beauty.
The color refracted through these rays must be caught to in lens with great intensity. The reflected light on a specific surface gives different impact on other objects. The subjective visual aspects with minute details are responsible to form the depth and three dimensional effect of the object. This beautify the object making it more beautiful and with life in it.
Light….. a fusion of seven heavenly colors ….. each color has its own character, beauty, personality emotions, wavelength and even a temperature.The proportionate fusion of all these seven colors illuminates the illusion of white.
These rainbow colors are the part of nature, Art and technology has used in to a great extend. The God has gifted a man …..a three dimensional visual organ …An eye, the most loving and used for the sake of beauty and pleasure.
Photography and vision had made possible to maintain the rhythm in nature and human. Many times these ‘Kelvin’ changes with different seasons, time and atmosphere are caught by eye and brain even lens catches it with astonishing way giving the joy of creation.
The differentiation in color with different timing is a matter of enjoyment. Photography gives us these minute changes with high sensitivity and vigor.
The lens and the brain behind the lens with the human eye has tremendously utilized for the creative visualisation with aesthetic pleasure making the life more beautiful.